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Club Nights

Wednesday Free-Play Club Meetings

Every week we hold a club night for just casual-play chess, open to everyone to come and enjoy themselves. There are no requirements to entry and no specific experience levels - players of all standards turn up! Currently we average 30 players per night, so there's plenty of opponents to find!

Club nights are currently held on Wednesdays at Christ Church, from 7PM - 9PM. Check the termcard for more details.

We also tend to assign themes to certain chess club nights. This Hilary we'll likely begin with a few Swiss tournaments, to ease people into playing. Our schedule (subject to change as suits the interests of the particular week) for this term is as follows:

Week 122/01/2020Blitz Swiss TournamentA 5+0 tournament, with prizesLR2, Christ Church
Week 229/01/2020Introduction ChessA friendly, casual set of games with drinksLR2, Christ Church
Week 305/02/2020Set Opening NightAn introduction to a few basic openings where everyone starts from a set positionLR2, Christ Church
Week 412/02/2020Head-to-Head LongplayRegister attendance. Opponents are paired in advance for 60+0 matches.LR2, Christ Church
Week 519/02/2020Simultaneous Exhibition with GM Keith ArkellPleased to invite GM Keith Arkell to come and give a simultaneous exhibition.LR2, Christ Church
Week 626/02/2020Round-Robin Bullet TournamentCompete to gain the most points by winning 1+0 games against anybody and everybodyLR2, Christ Church
Week 704/03/2020Varsity Prep: High-Quality Chess WeekMandatory attendance for all Varsity players; all others welcome to spectate with commentary or play freelyLR2, Christ Church
Week 811/03/2020Bughouse NightFinish the term with some Bughouse (2v2 chess)LR2, Christ Church

The schedule for Michaelmas 2019 was:

Week 116/10/2020Freshers' TryoutsLR2, Christ Church
Week 223/10/2020Casual Chess at St John'sBBES, Christ Church
Week 330/10/2020Standard/Rapid Chess NightLR2, Christ Church
Week 406/11/20203+2 Blitz TourneyBBES, Christ Church
Week 513/11/20205th Week Blues BughouseLR2, Christ Church
Week 620/11/2020Set Opening WeekBBES, Christ Church
Week 727/11/2020Longplay PracticeLR1, Christ Church
Week 804/12/2020Bullet TournamentLR2, Christ Church

Much more to come in the coming terms!

Saturday Bughouse

This Hilary we're trialling a new set of Bughouse nights. Bughouse is a variant of chess where players play in teams. In essense:

  • Each partnership has one White player and one Black player.
  • When a player captures a piece, they pass it on to their partner.
  • The partner can 'drop' that piece anywhere on the board if they want, using up a turn each time.

Bughouse is known as a classic 'stress-relief' post-tournament game for chess players. We'll be holding Bughouse sessions in the Kings' Arms on Saturday evenings. See the

Read more about Bughouse on Wikipedia. You can play Bughouse on or the Free Internet Chess Server, or you can play its sister variant, Crazyhouse, on any of the above and on