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Chess Teaching at Oxford

Teaching has begun for Michaelmas 2019! The first session was held on the Friday of Week 4 (9th November, 2019). Teaching is currently kindly hosted by 1st team players Victor Vasiesiu and Filip Mihov. Their dedication in giving up their time for the club is very much appreciated.

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We currently run two squads. Both are at Christ Church, from 5:30pm-6:30pm, held in different rooms. They are as follows:

Intermediate Lessons with Victor Văsieșiu

Week 1: Dynamic Advantage: How to use Initiative, Tempo, and Piece Placement

Aimed at anyone who's been playing chess for a while and knows a few openings, doesn't make any blunders in the majority of games, and is looking to improve their chess to the next level. Ideal audience: 2nd and 3rd Squad members. Anyone who finds this topic interesting is invited.

Room: LR2, Christ Church

Fundamentals Lessons with Filip Mihov

Week 1 Basic of openings // Basics of Endgames

Aimed at anyone who's just started playing chess for a while and is looking for guidance on how to get an understanding and intuitive feel for the game. Couldn't play blitz time controls because they can't play moves without re-analysing every position. Ideal audience: Freshers. Anyone who's started playing in the last year. Anyone who just wants to get a feel for teaching.

Room: Blue Boar Exhibition Space, Christ Church